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Our Values...

Our logo represents our understanding of collective development and the creative interaction of Passion, Discipline and Spirit.

Making a difference

How will you make a difference in this world?

Season Greetings and a Prosperous Year

In this special time of year, we reflect back on the success and frustrations from the last year and look forward to the new opportunities and challenges which will be coming to us.  May you have an interesting new year.

  • An organization development & facilitation consultancy established in Shenzhen, China and operating across Asia.
  • Experienced in leading strategic planning and organizational change programs for Multinational and Chinese organizations.
  • Provide team facilitation, executive coaching and action learning development programs.
  • Organized and facilitate large scale interactive conferences.
  • Have worked with government and NGO organizations on their public policy initiatives.
I knew we could change individually, I did not know we could change as a group

Our programs are…


Is what happens when your team sees that they can change their situation



is the effect of common vision and values and a clear action plan


allows for ongoing learning, both individually and collective


results from dialogue and concensus process

What is Organizational Facilitation?

Organizational Facilitation is utilizing a guided meeting process to allow management groups to collectively review their situation and develop strategy-oriented solutions on which they can take action.

LEADERSHIP INC offers your organization access to our team of professional facilitators who work with you to define the issues to be addressed, design an appropriate meeting process, facilitate the meeting and provide implementation follow-up.

We provided a fast and effective way to develop solutions for the challenges that your organization is currently facing.

Leadership Inc China reflects on 2020

Leadership Inc China reflects on 2020

2020 events record In this challenging year, Leadership Inc has found itself adapting creatively to the challenging and changing environment. One example is deciding to move our office in Shenzhen to a NiuHu Village in LongHua District. Niuhu is one of the original...

Leadership Inc China reflects on 2019

Leadership Inc China reflects on 2019

Activities 2018 - 2019: A Women’s Reading Group was established with the support of the Shenzhen Women’s Federation to arrange and guide a weekly book study program and women leadership training. Programs have included “WeTalk” program to encourage female...

Leadership Inc China reflects on Fall 2018

Leadership Inc China reflects on Fall 2018

Major projects undertaken by Leadership Inc China in Fall 2018 included… Strategic Planning for Shenzhen Women’s FederationFacilitating Annual Alumni Conference of EU-China NGO Twinning ProgramTraining Participatory Community Development and Group...