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Leadership Inc undertook several facilitation related projects in Shenzhen China

Promoting “Child Friendly City”: Leadership Inc assisted the Shenzhen government to set up a “Child Friendly City” program by facilitating a one day kickoff workshop on 31st May on “Dream and Design Our City” with 25 children from different schools.

The children were divided into teams which held group discussions on the topic of “What I would like to have in our Shenzhen?” and then choose representatives to present their ideas to Mayor of Shenzhen at the afternoon closing ceremony.

We will be facilitating a series of these workshops in each district in Shenzhen over the coming months.

Facilitating government officers on environmental research tour: We facilitated a planning meeting with twenty Shenzhen government officers and Youth League representatives on a research tour to Hangzhou on 20th – 25th June, 2017. The meeting addressed issues of Shenzhen water & environment protection.

Participants build a 7 aspects for future vision on Shenzhen’s Water & environment protection, and create a 3 solid action plans aligned the vision.

The secretary of the municipal party committee of Shenzhen committed to involve more people to and create a dialogue on environmental protection. We will have a follow up workshop in August 2017.

Introducing facilitation online: Karen Lim has prepared an online facilitation learning program, which is popular in 2nd & 3rd line cities in China.  This program introduces basic facilitation to people who may not access to these concepts, and encourages them to set up learning teams, which we can support.

This online program is divided into seven audio clips (eight minutes each) with a powerpoint presentation. Students can download the chapters and study on their mobile phones.