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What is Organizational Facilitation?

Organizational Facilitation is utilizing a guided meeting process to allow management groups to collectively review their situation and develop strategy-oriented solutions on which they can take action. LEADERSHIP INC offers your organization access to our team of professional facilitators who work with you to define the issues to be addressed, design an appropriate meeting process, facilitate the meeting and provide implementation follow-up. We provided a fast and effective way to develop solutions for the challenges that your organization is currently facing.

What are the benefits of Organizational Facilitation?

Some recent cases include…
  • Developing Strategic Plan and Management Alignment Management group of a recently privatized Chinese corporation created a strategy based corporate change program with implementation teams
  • Enhancing Corporate Values and Corporate Culture HR Department of a HK Multi-national identified obstacles and new actions to implement a PRD Corporate Values program
  • Enhancing Innovation and Creativity Innovation team of a joint-venture telecom company enhanced and refined their implementation plan
  • Developing Management Capabilities Graduate seminar for senior managers on “Organizational Transformation: The Methods of Change”

When should I use Organizational Facilitation?

Whether it be a major change in business direction or organizational structure, a new initiative or an important project, organizational facilitation provides an effective and efficient way to plan and implement decisions relating to critical business situations including…
  • Business expansion and organizational change
  • Start-ups, joint- ventures and new initiatives
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Project management and partnering programs
  • Crisis management, turnarounds and realignment
  • Strategic planning programs
  • Executive and board retreats
  • Corporate value programs
  • Planning and budget process

What is the Organizational Facilitation process?

We work closely with your organization, taking time to understand your business and people, so we can clearly define the project’s scope, business imperative and objectives before recommending a clearly defined, results oriented meeting process. Drawing on our extensive experience, these programs are custom designed to enhance how your organization deals with a particular situation.  Our facilitators utilize cutting-edge facilitation technology that allows for a high level of participation and fully documented results. By tapping into your organization’s knowledge and capabilities, the group will be guided to create unique, appropriate and implementable solutions.


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